Shane Coleman

Shane has counseled businesses and individuals with commercial disputes and intellectual property matters in Montana since 1998.  He graduated with a degree in electrical engineering from Montana State University in 1995 before attending the University of Montana School of Law.  

His commercial litigation practice includes intellectual property, employment, construction, real estate, bankruptcy, class actions, and other commercial disputes.  He has tried cases in Montana state and federal courts, as well as in surrounding states.  He has also argued appeals before the Montana Supreme Court and federal appellate courts.

Shane’s intellectual property practice includes obtaining and enforcing IP rights, including patents, trademarks, trade secrets, and copyrights.  He is a registered patent attorney, licensed to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office since 1999.  He also assists clients with IP transactions, including the purchase, sale and licensing, as well as related employment and ownership issues.  

Shane has also been involved in various legal and community groups.  He presently serves on the Board of Trustees of the State Bar of Montana, he is a founding member of the Intellectual Property Section of the State Bar, and he previously served on the board of the local Yellowstone Area Bar Association.  He also assists clients in a wide variety of pro bono matters, including several child abduction cases brought under the Hague Convention and other child custody disputes.

Client Results

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Selected Speaking Engagements

“Identifying and Protecting Intellectual Property,” Big Sky Economic Development Authority, 2021.

“Protecting Inventions through Patents, Copyrights, and Trade Secrets,” Big Sky Economic Development Authority, 2021.

“Trademarks, Branding, and Related Issues,” Big Sky Economic Development Authority, 2021.

“Construction Law IP Issues,” Construction Law Section – Montana Bar Association, 2021.

“Patent Webinar,” Big Sky Economic Development Authority, 2020.

“Identifying and Protecting Intellectual Property,” Internal Client Presentation, 2020.

“Intellectual Property Law in 30 Minutes,” Montana Medical Technology Seminar, 2018.

“IP Litigation Panel,” IP Day in Montana, 2018

“Intellectual Property Law in 30 Minutes,” Montana State Bar IP Day in Montana, 2017